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Art always fascinates me, it’s one of the aspects in life that manage to tingle my curiosity. Having privilege to live in such diverse country like Indonesia, I have opportunity to taste art from many angles.

Starting my carrier as a singer, I’m blessed to be able To visit sabang all the way to merauke and learned much about different form of art and culture . I then realized that I have to share this beautiful side of Indonesia to the world.

It comes to a point where I introduced my self to craftsmanship and got addicted to learn more about it.  Years passed by, I decided to take this further, not only as a form of appreciation, but as a passion.

With supports from family and friends, finally My passion turned into  ” VIE for LIVING ” a furniture consultant company, base in Jakarta , Indonesia.

VIE for LIVING, is a place where creativity meets reality. We believe deep down all people have artsy side in them waiting to be introduced to the world. Through Vie for Living we want people to be able explore their creativity and bring it to reality in a form of craftsmanship. We do believe that Albert would agree, let’s share your creativity to the world, get people experienced a journey through your imagination, for me, I would share it through “ VIE for LIVING “

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